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József Galántai: Hungary in the First World War

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Language: English
333 pages
Year of Publication: 1989
ISBN: 2399962500344
Published by: Akadémiai Kiadó
Condition: Used, good condition

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The role which Hungary played, in a Europe split into two camps after the turn of the century and in World War I, was not one played by a State with an independent foreign policy and its own army. Hungary, which had full sovereignty in domestic affairs, was one of the constituent States of the Habsburg Monarchy (Austria-Hungary). The Monarchy was based on a dualism principle, with a common army and pursuing a common foreign policy. Therefore, a book dealing with Hungary's participation in World War I must first of all treat the system of common foreign affairs and defense of the Dual Monarchy, as well as Hungary's role in the making and implementation of decisions concerning such matters.


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