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About Us

Kazar Bazar is a small business located in Hungary, Romhány. 

Our creed is to recreate historical objects in a really high and also artistic quality what is able to represent the sophisticated arts and crafts of Medieval times. Our main focus is on the silks of the Early Medieval period, but we are also interested in the patterns of other epochs as well. 

We also create certain accessories, such as pouches, quivers, belts and even whole garments with various objects. We are specialized to the Early Medieval steppe culture of Eastern Europe, but also has some insight onto bordering cultures (Byzantium, Western Europe, Rus, Vikings  etc.).

Furthermore, we work together with various artisans, craftsmen and workshops all around Europe, thus certain products often the result of a cooperation. 

We are happy to cooperate and work with and for reeanctors, museums, archeologists and historians as well.