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The Seuso Treasure - The Splendour of Pannonia

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Marianna Dági - Zsolt Mráv
The Seuso Treasure
The Splendour of Pannonia
Erudition and Luxury in Late Imperial Pannonia
with photographs by András Dabasi and Judit Kardos

ISBN: 978-615-5978-30-2
Publisher: Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum, Budapest
Year of publish: 2020
Pages: 175
With lots of large and colorful images

Website of the Seuso treasure exhibition

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The wealthy and educated elite of the Roman Empire commissioned luxury articles of high artistic quality. Among those were silver vessels which, besides impressing guests, were used to present the personality and erudition of the host. This message is conveyed by the Seuso treasure, returned to Hungary after many twists and turns of fate. Its silver vessels faithfully reflect the opulent way of life of the late imperial Pannonian elite, as well as the world of splendid villas, hunts and feasts.


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