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Taking care of silk materials

The most efficent and recomended way to take care of our material is the use of dry cleaning. Dry cleaners are usally present in all larger cities, and they offer a cleaning solution what doesn’t involve washing out material, but cleaning it with chemichals.

Do not machine dry your silk.
Do not machine wash your silk. Especially not in high temperature. 
Do not store it for long time in the sun.

In an event avoid to lean to rought sourfaces: For example stone walls, bony wood elements of tents. These surfaces could damage your material, pull out threads from it, damaging the structure of the textile.

These are the most efficent ways to preserve your material for eternity.

However if someone would like to choose the regular way of the cleaning of the materials (what we don not recommend), he/she should follow these steps, but only on his/her own risk:

Initiate the material in hot water with handwashing. The material will release much dye, but it will not loose it’s original color. It will not shrink. It become softer and loose some glaze, gets a more natural appearance.

This procedure could also done in washing machine, in low teperature water (30°). But be avare to sew down the cut edges  of the material, or the washingmachine will start to disrupt the material, causing material loss. Hand wash is the recommended methold.

After this initiation if the material is sewn into other materials (like bordering to a dress) won’t release as much dye during the washing process, and helps preventing the base material by geting unwanted color patches. The advised cleaning methold of the  dress or robe made with silk bordering or lining is also washing out by hand.