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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to order a custom patterned silk. Is that possible? 

Yes, we could do a custom pattern. However there are some requirements to do such. The pattern need to be a historical one, with a solid background (extant textile, mural, minature) and also we need a minimum 15 meter pre-order for a pattern to do it. This quantity is usually too much for a single person. However it is common that a customer, who would like to have a custom pattern, collect fellow pre-orderes from his/her team or glabally from reeanctors who are interested ​in the epoch.

I would like to have a whole garment from a Kazar Bazar silk. Could you do that? 

Yes, we are able to, however this isn't our main proifile. We are in connection with really telented craftsmen and seamstresses world wide. If you have a special project we could organize the preparation of your dress and even some kind of accessiories for the gear as well.