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Reconstructing Magyar

03/02/2022 12:59:58 PM
Aranyosi János from Hungary reconstructing a Magyar noble from the Conquest period (Xth century). Among the archeological finds and the written sources, we find several traces that Magyars used a lot of silk for their attire.

Reconstruction of a silk pattern from Oseberg

03/02/2022 12:37:29 PM
An interesting study from Ase Erikson: Med silke til Valhall – En studie av monster og vevemetoder (With silk to Valhalla – A study about patterns and weaving methods) investigated the silk fragments from Oseberg, and managed to reconstruct one fragmented pattern.

Silk kaftan from Bahram Gur Silk

01/02/2022 08:12:01 AM
Sonya Shasunova, a Russian textile restaurateur, sewer and administrator of SEW OR DIE. She made really exceptional sewing projects, we would like to introduce one of her work: a 100% hand sewed silk caftan. The project was made by the request of Ferenc Tavasz from Hungary.

The Kagan's Rider

10/01/2022 03:05:47 PM

The Kazar Bazar is always happy to participate in projects where the final result could be part of a museum exhibition. Just like in the case of the Senmurv caftan project for the Museum of Nizhny Arkhyz in Russia.

In 2016, archeologists of the Déri Múzeum (Debrecen, Hungary) found a unique grave in Derecske, Hungary. They managed to excavate a warrior buried with his weapons, horse and with a full lamellar armor. The grave could be dated to the first half of the 7th century.

Reconstructing Alan woman

28/04/2019 08:53:25 AM

On the Early Medieval reenactment artifacts from Moshchevaya Balka (MB) is a common reference point. For nomadic culture impression, many reenactors use the numerous clothings what preserved in this famous archeological site. In this article, we would like to present an outstanding work among the MB reconstructions: Alya Burzueva’s gear from Russia.