Sogdian Peacock Silk

Sogdian Peacock Silk


Sogdian Peacock Silk pattern reconstruction

Pattern is usable for VII-VIIIth century reconstructions

Width of the material: 105 cm
Pattern repeat: 21 cm
Medallion diameter: 19 cm
100% silk
Price: 65 €/meter

30 in stock

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 105 cm


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Original textile from Qinghai Tibetan Culture Museum. Dated to the 7-8th century. Woven in Sogdian workshop.

Picture: Matteo Compareti


Source: Matteo Compareti, Li Sifei – Recently Unearthed Luxury Art from Qinghai:Iranian Images in the Tubo-Ruled Area, 2020

Project requested by: Nadeem Ahmad, Eran ud Turan
Graphical design: Szakonyi Balázs