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Geometric Silk

Qty:× 0,5 meter

Pattern is usable for VIII-Xth century reconstructions
Both sides of the fabric are usable and look nice

105 cm wide material
21 cm pattern repeat
100% silk

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Qty:× 0,5 meter


The original piece is from Moshchevaya Balka. The original fabric is likely a silk textile with a Central Asian origin. It is dated to the IXth century.

Jerusalimskaya's description about the motif:
"Against a dark blue background are rows of medallions framed with wickerwork, each with a symmetrical mirror figure (based on the Byzantine motif of two squares intersecting at right angles, but in this case, the four corners at the ends of the vertical and horizontal axes are rounded, which gives the squares a shape resembling an Islamic tile). Inside, this figure is filled with small plant motifs and chess ornaments. Between the medallions is a typical Sogdian silk palmette made of intertwining stems and lotus flowers."

Source of the textile:  Anna A. Jerusalimskaya – Moshchevaya Balka 2012


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