Harpies and Lions Silk

Harpies and Lions Silk


Period: XI-XIIth century
Medalion diameter: 17 cm
4 medalions in a row
Material width: 75 cm (with 1+1 cm borders)
Warp: silk
Weft: rayon

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Weight 140 g
Dimensions 75 cm


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Original silk was found in the tomb of bishop San Pedro de Osma (died in 1109.) in the Cathedral of Burgo de Osma, Spain.

Design of pairs of lions attacking human-headed birds within circles connected by smaller circles containing inscriptions. The inscription has been translated by R. Guest as follows “This was made in the town of Baghdad, may God guard it.”

Interesting to note that, as far as we know, this pattern was the first what was produced in the European continent. They copied excellently the Persian brocade, event the kufic inscription what indicates that it was made in Baghdad.

Original textile’s page on the Museum of Fine Arts Boston’s site.

Fabric redesigned from the extant textile by Sartor Bohemia.