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Term of use

Névtelen 2

Term of use

  • Order

By ordering a textile, client has the right to get the exact amout from the material what he ordered. After shipping started, customer have the right to get a tracking number connected to the package, to follow the route of it.

  • Usage of textiles

For the materials dry cleaning is the advised cleaning methold. Kazar Bazar could not take responsibility for damaged materials what comes from other means of cleaning metholds. Especially washing out materials with washing machine in high temperature water. For advised metholds of initiating and cleaning the materials Kazar Bazar can provide suggestions.

  • Custom orders

Custom orders is usally for products what are customized by the requirements of the customer. In the planning and measuring procedure please take care to give us the punctual and accurate measures. It is really important to see that we are working according to these measures what are well define the later utility of the product.

  • Communication

Do not be shy to ask. We have resolutions to a lot of matters. And we are not shy to say no if we does not. We oprate with a lots of custom products as well. For these the most important parts are the common planning, the communication, and the communication and also the communication.

  • Feedback

We are really keen to hear about your feedback in connection with our products. If these are good, we take it gladly, and we are happy together. But that is also really important to give us feedback if there was a mistake, the product was not realized the customer’s idea. Because in most of the cases we could find a solution to the matter, and it is really important to us to learn from our mistakes.