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Ibn Fadlan's journey: the Volga route from Baghdad to Bulghar. Exhibition catalogue

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Puteshestvie Ibn Fadlana: volzhskii put' ot Bagdada do Bulgara. Katalog vystavki (Ibn Fadlan's journey: the Volga route from Baghdad to Bulghar. Exhibition catalogue)

Language: Russian with English captions
559 pages
Year of Publication: 2016
Published in Kazan

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This catalogue of a Hermitage exhibition at the Kazan Kremlin Museum publishes art and artifacts that originate in the areas along 1000-year old trade routes of Eastern Europe, the Near East, and Central Asia. The tools, artifacts, applied and decorative arts are now part of the collections of the Mardjani Foundation, the Hermitage, and several other museums. Inspired by a tenth-century journey of Ibn Fadlan and Islamic geography, the catalogue explores how written sources inform us about the daily life, crafts, and arts of cultures now effaced or radically changed. Exhibited and published are arms and armor, equestrian gear, metalwork, jewelry, ceramics, and glass. As a whole the exhibition gives an idea about the material culture — which applied and decorative arts flourished and what level of artistry craftsmen attained — of a broad swathe of peoples including the Byzantine Empire, Rus', Iran, the Northern Caucasus, the Khazar Khanate, Volga Bulgaria, and Bukhara. Ibn Fadlan journeyed in 921–22, but the works cover a longer period — the seventh to the twelfth centuries. With a bibliography and a new Russian translation of the Arabic text of Ibn Fadlan's journey.

559 p., approx. 500 color illus., Rus. with title page in ENGLISH.


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