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Vörs-Papkert B 561 Quiver belt

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Quiver belt according to grave find from Vörs-Papkert B 561.

Mounts are made from bronze

Belts are custom items, we make them according to your custom measures.
You could also choose the colour of the leather.

A quiver belt may take 1-2 months to be ready after order. If you have any further  questions, please contact us via Facebook Messenger

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Hungarian academic research of the past few years indicated the use of so-called quiver belts in connection with the Xth century Magyar graves. The most identical elements of these belts are the Y centred round mounts, a.k.a. strap distributors. One of the most well known quiver belt is from Karos grave II/52. This contained the most mounts and elements, and also served as the cornerstone to determine this belt type. 

Position of the bow quiver and the arrow quiver on the quiver belt


Mounts of the Vörs-Papkert B 561 quiver belt

Quiver belt in action

Flesch Márton - Strohmayer Ádám - Türk Attila: A honfoglalás kori tegezöv egy új rekonstrukciója a karosi II/52. sír íjászfelszereléseinek átdolgozása és keleti analógiák nyomán. In: 29th Conference of Young Scholars on the Migration Period. November 15-16, 2019, Budapest. Abasztraktkötet. ed: Sudár Balázs - Türk Attila 

Költő László: A honfoglalás kora  Somogy megyében. In: Múzeumi Tájékoztató 1996/1. Régészeti különszám. Kaposvár, 1996


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