Red Senmurv Silk

Silk with Senmurv motifs.

Period: VIII-Xth century
Madalion diameter: 9 cm
8 medalions in a row
Material width: 75 cm (with 1+1 cm borders)
Warp: silk
Weft: rayon


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Such silk with Senmurv pattern was found in Moshchevaya Balka as the pattern of the full silk “Senmurv kaftan”, and in the Saint-Lou church, France.

Senmurv silk from the Victoria & Albert Musem’s collection

The Senmurv (a.k.a. Simurgh) is a mythological creature what could be originalted from the Iranian mythology. However it is debated that what we know as senmurv are the same as the mythological creature appeares in Shahnameh, but we have the first and probably most iconic portrayals of these beasts from Sassanian goldsmith objects, such as plates.

Senmurv kaftan from Moshchevaya Balka (Caucasus)

The winged, dog headed, beaver tailed mythological creature was also interpereted as peacock dragon. Whaever was it’s real origin, that is sure that it was a famuous and widespread beast during the medieval period. Senmurvs appear not only in Sasanian objects, Sogdian or Byzantine silks, but also in a Hungarian plated pouche, or in a an Italian tombstone. It was a famous and well known creature, such as griffin or manticore.

The Senmurv pattern was among the silk patterns what was firstly produced in the European continent in the XIth century.

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Dimensions 75 cm