PRE-ORDER Late Antique Oberflacht Silk

Geometrical silk pattern reconstruction from the VIth century.

Pattern is usable for V-VIIIth century reconstructions, because of relevant paralels

Pattern reproduction:
105 cm width material
5,25 cm pattern repeat
20 patterns in a row

0.50 /meter

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Front side of the silk:

Revers side of the silk:

Original textile from: Oberflacht, Germany

Dispalyed in: Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg

Documentation of the original textile in German language

Relevant paralels:



Rider identified as st. Sissinios killing the demon Alabadria
fresco at the Baouit Monastery, IV-VIIth century

How the pre-order works? 

We are willing to produce the pattern if pre-order requirements reach 10 meters.

If you are interested in the pattern reconstruction, you can sign up for a symbolic fee, what is 0,5€/meter. So if you would like to have for example 3 meters from this material, you have to pre-order 3 meters and pay 3×05=1,5€. We collect pre-orders, and if it reaches the amount what is required for the production, we produce the pattern.

The price of the textile will be 60€/meter. Who pre-ordered it could take the fabric for 55€/meter price in the quantity what he/she pre-ordered.

On the stock indicator you are able to see how much meter is still needed to pre-order to make the pattern reconstruction project start.


Project requested by:  Seb Herzyna. For further cooperation and planning, he could be reach out.

Additional information

Dimensions 105 cm