Handmade Silk and Felt Cushion

100.00 /piece


Silk covered felt cushions inspired by Kazah cusions what made with the same technique and materials. Could be used for sleeping like on a casual pillow or as a sitting cushion for campsite use.

Felt is 100% handmade and handsewn, and the upholstery was also handsewn.

Measures of the pillow: 55 cm lenght 15 cm diameter We can take custom orders for covers of stock silks. Size and form also could be customized.
Early Medieval silk decoratd cushions from Moshchevaya Balka

Source of the pictures: Ierusalimskaja, A. A.: Moshtcevaya Balka, An unusual archeological site at the North Caucasus Silk Road. St. Petersburg 2012.


Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 55 × 15 × 15 cm