Elephants Silk

Period: VII-IXth century
Medalion diameter: 17 cm
4 medalions in a row
Material width: 75 cm (with 1+1 cm borders)
Warp: silk
Weft: rayon

60.00 /meter

18.75 in stock



“A pair of placid-looking Asian elephants stand confronted, on a pedestal of split őalmettes, each with one foreleg raised, and with gently curving striped trunks that look somewhat reptilian.”

Original silk presumedly came from a Central Asian workshop, but it bears stylistic elements from the Byzantine worksops also. Great silk production centres had a great impact to each other.

For the reconstruction work a great thanks goes to Eran ud Turan​ and Katerina Katonik​.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 100 × 75 cm