Double-axe Silk

Period: VIII-Xth centuries
Width: 105 cm
Weight: 135 g/meter
Medalion diameter: 5,25 cm
20 medalions in a row
100% silk

65.00 /meter

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Variations of this pattern were found in Central Asia, Moshchevaya Balka and Oseberg.
About the Oseberg finds: “A special type of pattern revealed itself clerly trought the UV photography on many of the fragments. This consits of horizontal rows with geometric figures looking like a mix of double-axe and trefoil (called axe-clover). … The axe clover pattern is visible in 12 of 33 fragments in the group called Fabric 1.”

Double-axe silks in Moshchevaya Balka

Source of the pictures:
MET Museum
Ierusalimskaja, A. A.: Moshtcevaya Balka, An unusual archeological site at the North Caucasus Silk Road. St. Petersburg 2012.

source of text:
Marianne Vedeler: Silk for Vikings. Ancient textiles series vol. 15. Oxford 2014.

Graphical design for the reconstruction: Szakonyi Balázs

Additional information

Weight 135 g
Dimensions 105 cm