PRE-ORDER Sogdian Birds Silk

PRE-ORDER Sogdian Birds Silk


The original taxtile is a silk fragment about birds in half roundels. It is derived from Sogdiana, Central Asia. Could be dated to the VIIth or VIIIth century.
These birds are erll known figures of the Iranian mythology. The birds are the figurative depiction of Chamrosh, the bird that retrieves Farr from underwater and carries it to the heavens.
Source: Southeby’s

Pattern reproduction plans:
105 cm width material

Dimensions 105 cm


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How the pre-order works? 
We are willing to produce the pattern if pre-order requirements reach 20 meters.

If you are interested in the pattern reconstruction, you can sign up for a symbolic fee, wat is 0,5€/meter. So if you would like to have for example 3 meters from this material, you have to pre-order 3 meters and pay 3×05=1,5€. We collect pre-orders, and if it reaches the amount what is required for the production, we produce the pattern.

The price of the textile will be 65€/meter. Who pre-ordered it could take the fabric for 55€/meter price in the quantity what he/she pre-ordered.

On the stock indicator you are able to see how much meter is still needed to pre-order to make the pattern reconstruction project start.


Project required by: Nadeem Ahmad from Eran ud Turan. For further cooperation and planning, he could be reach out.