Simple Quiver

Simple Quiver


Wooden quiver with leather covering and ironing
For Eastern European steppe reenactment: Magyar, Rus, Alan, Kazar, Pecheneg, and there are founds for quiver ironing in Birka (Bj1125b) as well.

Based on quivers from Karos

Capacity: circa 12-15 arrows
Weight: circa 1,5 kg

All products are custom items.

You need to add lenght of your arrows in cm, from this we adjust the size of the quiver.

Total lenght of the arrow (including the arrowhead) in cm
If you are left handed we need to put the suspension ironings to the other side of the quiver
Product total
Options total
Grand total
Weight 1500 g


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Hourglass type steppe quivers after Magyar artefacts

The robe/body is from 5 mm thick pine laths – cut with saw, shaped with hand planer
Bottom board is from 2 cm thick pine lath
Back board is from hardwood, glued and nailed with 50 piece of nails to the body part
Leather is guled to the wooden structure
Inside to the bottom, a piece of thick leather or felt goes to protect the end of the arrows.
The visible parts of the inside of the mouth are also lined with leather.

All quivers are custom made items.

You can choose from the actual sctock, or order a new, custom one. Please message us for get the photos of the actual stock quivers.
Preparation time of the quiver may take 3-4 weeks.




Preserved wooden quiver with leather covering and ironings from Nizhny Arkhyz (Russia) 


Preserved wooden quiver with leather covering and ironings from Nizhny Arkhyz (Russia) 



Drawing based on a piece of a wall painting in Eastern Turkestan of a distinguished Uygur archer.
Both his bowcase and quiver are suspended from his belt, as among the Magyars and other steppe people.
Copyright Chris Szabó, after Professor Gyula László.