Kufic Geese Silk

Kufic Geese Silk


Period: XI-XIIth century
Madalion diameter: 17 cm
4 medalions in a row
Material width: 75 cm (with 1+1 cm borders)
Warp: silk
Weft: rayon

The kufic script: [عز وآقبال ونص[ر “Glory and prosperity and victory”

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Weight 140 g
Dimensions 75 cm


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The original of the pattern from The Metropolitan Museum of Arts website:

Date: 11th–12th century
Geography: Attributed to Iran. Country of Origin Iran

One mark of an elegant man was the refinement and opulence of his dress. The pattern of this silk robe consists of roundels containing confronted geese flanking a tree. The inscription band enclosing the roundel reads “Glory, prosperity and victory.” While the robe was cut as a riding coat with a flare at the hip, it was found with a small pillow and face covering, indicating that it was used as a burial garment.
Signatures, Inscriptions, and Markings
Inscription: Inscribed: In Arabic,
[عز وآقبال ونص[ر
“Glory and prosperity and victo[ry]”