Griffin Silk

Griffin Silk


Griffins from the Reliquary of Saint Siviard (France)

Byzantine silk

Period: X-XIIth century
Medallion diameter: 20 cm
Material width: 105 cm
5 patterns is a row
100% silk

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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 105 cm


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The original piece is a Byzantine silk from the Reliquary of Saint Siviard, Cathedral Treasury, Seins, France.

The medallions framed by split pamettes and beading, enclose imposing griffins and stylized trees. The interstices between the medallions  are filled with large composite rosettes.

The Griffin Silk has strong paralells with the Esztergom Lion (X-XIIth century, Esztergom, Hungary) and the so called “Charlemagne” Elephant Silk (X-XIth century, Aachen, Germany).

The silk and the pattern previously reconstructed by Sartor Bohemia. Our version is a rethinked model of the Griffin Silk of Saint Siviard. The newly reconstructed design is made by thanks to the coproduction of Living History Crafts and Kazár Bazár.

Source:  The Glory of Byzantium. Art and Culture of the Middle Byzantine Era A.D. 843-1261. (ed.) C. Evans, Helen – D. Wixom, William