The Era of the Hungarian Conquest

The Era of the Hungarian Conquest


László Révész: The Era of the Hungarian Conquest
Permanent Exhibition of the Hungarian National Museum

ISBN: 978 615 5209 18 5
Publisher: Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum, Budapest
Year of publish: 2014
Pages: 123
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There are more explanations to the successful military actions of Hungarians that lasted for more than half a decade. When they appeared in Western Europe, the disunity of the successor states of Charlemagne’s former empire almost led to their eventual disappearance. The lack of a strong central power, the permanent struggle between stronger and leaker landowners not only made an organized attack against the formidable new enemy impossible for a long time, but the Hungarians intervened in the conflicts on the invitation of one or the other rival. The otherwise heavily armed Western armies were not aware of the importance of discipline and organized troop movements in battles, therefore their troops were easily disrupted by the Eastern light cavalry troops that were led with an iron fist and moved as one. Their characteristic nomad tactics were based on unexpected, sudden and fast troop movements and by turning back after a fake escape, the units breaking forth from their hidings routed the dissolved Frank army with their storm of arrows.