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After a lot of preparations and work we are finally able to launch www.kazarbazar.com. This is a great pleasure for us to welcome You here, on our official website.

We integrated our projects here and sought that the site become a clear, simple and useful surface.

Kazar Bazar
Kazar Bazar

What’s in here?

First of all you can find here our silk products. Finally everything is with an up to date stock indicator, so you can easily find what we have, and know what quantity we have on our stock. You are able to purchase the materials via the website, like in a proper webshop. At the moment we only have the PayPal money transfer methold ready for this.


We integrated the Nutevk Armory site to the Kazar Bazar surface, from where you are able to order fine quality helmets and chainmail. Good to know that these are custom items, what aren’t on stock, so production takes a couple of months to be ready.

Custom items

We are cooperating with several craftsmen who can make you custom items what are somehow connected with silk. Here you can pick your favored silk form our current stock, and our creftsmen will prepare it according your requirements.


One of our most important projects with our site is the blog, where we would like to publish informative articles about our activities, reconstruction works and most importantly: the history about silks, focusing to the Early Medieval period. There are a lot of useful and important informations what we collected in connection with silk in reeanctment, what we would like to share with you here in the future.

Join us on our social media sourfaces: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and take part in our adventures on the Silk Road!

This isn’t all, there is more to come. New products and projects are in pour purse. In time we will reveal everyhing. Feel fee to contact us in any cases. We are open for new ideas, discussions and cooperations.

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