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Archeology of the Eurasian Steppes 2018 №03. Nikitina T.B.: Rusenikhino burial ground

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The Archaeology of the Eurasian Steppe is an international peer-reviewed academic journal addressing the key issues of Eurasian steppe archaeology of different epochs and the related historical and natural scientific disciplines.

The journal is published in Russian six times a year. All publications are reviewed and provided with a brief summary in Russian and English.

The Rosenikhinsky burial ground is a unique monument of the 10th – 11th centuries, containing multilateral information for studying the Mari culture of the Middle Ages, discovered and explored by the MarAE in 2009–2013. Separate fragments of the obtained material formed the basis of preliminary articles on various aspects of culture: costume, funeral rites, and beliefs. This paper presents a complete generalization of the materials obtained; previously published fragments are supplemented and adjusted. In preparing the work, modern natural scientific methods were used: the atomic absorption method to study anthropological material, analyzes of bones and soils to determine the chemical composition of trace elements, the biological study of leathers, furs from clothes and bedding, the study of textile fibers by optical microscopy in transmitted and reflected polarized light, X-ray fluorescence analysis of certain categories of non-ferrous metal accompanying equipment, etc. Ethnographic data were used to interpret the material. The publication gives a wide idea of ​​the features of the material and spiritual culture of the Mari population of the Perm region in the Middle Ages.


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