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Archaeology of the Eurasian Steppe - Materials of the IV International Magyar Symposium

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The Archaeology of the Eurasian Steppe is an international peer-reviewed academic journal addressing the key issues of Eurasian steppe archaeology of different epochs and the related historical and natural scientific disciplines.

The journal is published in Russian six times a year. All publications are reviewed and provided with a brief summary in Russian and English.

Materials of the IV International Magyar Symposium (Kazan - Bolgar, October 15-19, 2018) - Kazan: Institute of Archeology named after OH. Khalikova, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan (Volga) Federal University, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Institute of Archeology Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Center for the Humanities, Early Hungarian History Research Group, 2018 .-- 274 p.

Belavin A.M., Krylasova NB, Danich A.V. (Perm, Russia) Hungarian (Magyar) features of the funeral rite of the medieval burial grounds of the Urals Ural
Botalov S.G. (Chelyabinsk, Russia) Ural-Altai unity in materials the funeral complex of Velgi
Valiulina S.I. (Kazan, Russia) Eniosova N.V., Orfinskaya O.V. (Moscow, Russia) Comprehensive study of materials from burial 7 of the Bolshe-Tigan burial ground
IR Gazimzyanov (Kazan, Russia) Ancient Hungarians in the anthropological aspect
Gobunov VV, Tishkin A.A (Barnaul, Russia) Results of the study of the eponymous monument Srostka-I in Altai: a return to the sources and new materials
Gobunov VV, Tishkin A. BUT(Barnaul, Russia) “Elite” mounds of the Srostkino culture at the turn of the 1st / 2nd millennium e. on the Priobsky plateau
Grudochko I.V., Gazizova S.R., Parunin A.V. (Chelyabinsk, Russia) Chronology and periodization of the burial ground of Velga
Ivanov (Ufa, Russia) Morphological characters, chronological and geographical boundaries of Magna Hungaria in Eastern Europe
A. Kazakov (Barnaul, Russia) Huns in Altai: markers and consequences
Kazakov EP (Kazan, Russia) To the problem of the characteristic of medieval cultures of the Ural-Volga region
Kushkumbaev AK (Astana, Kazakhstan) Sources about Oriental Magyars in the Juchi Ulus
Klima László(Budapest, Hungary) Eastern Religious Motifs on the Belt Mounts of Subotsi Group, Kushnarenkovo ​​Culture and Lomovatovo Culture
Matveeva N.P. (Tyumen, Russia) On migrations from Western Siberia to Europe in the early Iron Age and during the era of the Great Migration of Peoples
T. Nikitin . (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia) Belt sets from burial grounds of the 9th – 11th centuries. Vetluzhsko-Vyatka interfluve
Sabolch Jozhef Polgar (Szeged, Hungary) Historical science and linguistics about the ethnogenesis of ancient Hungarians (in the light of new Hungarian studies)
Prokhnenko I.A. (Uzhhorod, Ukraine) Burials of nomads of the 10th century in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine: the problem of tribal attribution
Rabinovich R.A.(Chisinau, Moldova) On the possible role of the Hungarians in the history of the Carpathian-Dniester lands in the 9th – 10th centuries
Rudenko K.A. (Kazan, Russia) Artworks depicting a rider of the Ural-Hungarian center of the 9th century
Ryabtseva S.S. (Chisinau, Moldova), A. Peskova (St. Petersburg, Russia) On the question of the origins of the jewelry set from the burial of a noble Polovchanka in Balotapusta (Kiskunhalas, Hungary)
by Bea Szeifert, Veronika Csákyová, Balázs Stégmár, of Dániel the Gerber, Balázs Egyed (Budapest, Hungary), Botalov the SG (Chelyabinsk , Russian Federation), Goldina RD (Izhevsk, Russian Federstion), Danich, AV (Perm, Russian Federation),
Attila Türk, Balázs G. Mende, Anna Szécsényi-Nagy (Budapest, Hungary) Maternal Genetic Composition of Early Medieval (6th-10th century AD) Populations Lived in the Cis- and Trans-Ural and Volga-Kama Regions
N. Telnov (Chisinau, Moldova) Ethno-cultural situation in the IX century in the Lower Dniester and Hungarian factor
Tishkin AA Seregin, NN . (Barnaul, Russia) Ethnocultural situation in Altai and adjacent territories in the early Turkic time
Tishkin AA, Gobunov VV, Frolov Ya.V. (Barnaul, Russia) Comprehensive analysis of the typesetting belt from the Samodian burial of the 6th – 7th centuries at the monument Terrible Yar-1 in the Barnaul Ob region
Attila Türk(Budapest, Hungary) East European Connections and Roots of the 10 Centuries Archaeological Heritage in the Carpathian Basin by the Results of the Latest Investigations
T. Chichko (Sterlitamak, Russia) Magna Hungaria and its relations with the synchronous states of Eurasia
Balazs Shudar (Budapest, Hungary) Magyars in the Persian geographical composition “Khudd al-Ulam” (982)
Bakhshiev I.I. (Ufa, Russia), A. Kryazhevskikh (Kirov, Russia) Scientific conference "Archeology of the late Middle Ages and the New Age in the Ural-Volga region: from archaeological sources to historical reconstructions" (Ufa, May 17–18, 2018)


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